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Welcome to Lifts Ladders and Docks

We offer the best in Aluminum Dock Sections from Max Dock Systems. The  quality & detail of their products is superior in the industryMade in Michigan.


Freestanding Dock Sections

4in. Standard Stringer and Max LochDock

                                        ANODIZED ALUMINUM


The anodized coating process creates a smooth and stain free surface. Dirt        washes off easily when it rains. Like having a Teflon coated dock that looks

like new for years. Stays cool to the touch. 


                                4'x10' section $540.00 plus 6% tax


Need more than a few sections just email or call for multiple section discounts 


                                      TREATED PINE / ALUMINUM


  The most affordable option and great for those who desire a rustic look. Minimal 

knot  5/4  thick edge radiused Southern treated pine you can stain to any color,  or let it be natural. It has Green Approved Product Certification. Marine Grade

not the typical box store treated. Has 4 inch stringers and a fully welded frame underneath unlike most other brands.


                                  4'x10' section $307.00 plus 6% tax


  Need more than a few sections just email or call for multiple section discounts



                        Add a clean and finished look to your dock ends.

        3' Aluminum Mill Finish End Cap with hardware    $30.00 plus 6% tax

        4' Aluminum Mill Finish End Cap with hardware    $33.50 plus 6% tax

        3' Aluminum Anodized End Cap with hardware     $33.50 plus 6% tax

        4' Aluminum Anodized End Cap with hardware     $36.00 plus 6% tax






An inexpensive way to add protection to the

dock corners of the last section or the first

section of your dock. Drill one hole and use

the stainless screw supplied. Grey.


   4 in. Corner Guard   $2.00 plus 6% tax  

                        TORPEDO POST BUMPERS


Slips over your dock post to provide excellent protection. Marine

Grade PVC is soft and strong with cushioning under impact and

always returns to it's original shape. Easy to install -slide down

on your dock post, then open the slit on the back and wrap

around the post fitting the dock hardware in the recessed back.


5'' x 22'' with a 9.5'' recess . Available in Great Lakes Blue 


              Torpedo Post Bumper $29.00 plus 6% tax



                        LARGE DOCK POST BUMPER  


Low density Polyethylene post bumper provides great protection

for your dock and  watercraft. Good looking and lasting quality.

Comes ready to go and slides over 2in. aluminum dock poles

and then tighten the 2 stainless bolts.  


                 Measures 4.5'' x 36'' Available in White 


             Large Dock Post Bumper $42.50 plus 6% tax 

Max LochDock

Robust 6.5 in. tall stringers

Lochdock QCS (Quick Connect System) offers tremendous flexibility in layout. Each section comes standard with a QCS male connector on one end of the dock and a QCS female connector on other end of the dock. Once nested together a locking pin ensures the seam will not come apart; NO TOOLS NECESSARY. Additional QCS connectors can be added for triangles, platforms, and MAXSteps. This system is fast and easy, with no limits on configuration.

LochDock sections

4' wide x 8' long Shorty, Height adjust. 26" up to 42"               $614.00 plus tax

4' wide x 8' long Regular, Height adjust. 42" up to 58"              $624.00 plus tax

4' wide x 8' long Deep Water, Height adjust. 43" up to 84"        $825.00 plus tax 


4' wide x 12' long Shorty, Height adjust.  26" up to 42"             $920.00 plus tax

4' wide x 12' long Regular, Height adjust.  42" up to 58"           $930.00 plus tax

4' wide x 12' long Deep Water, Height adjust. 43" up to 84"    $1155.00 plus tax


Lochdock Shorty Leg Kit, Height adjust. 26" up to 42"              $135.00 plus tax

Lochdock Regular Leg Kit, Height adjustments  42" up to 58"   $145.00 plus tax

Lochdock Leg Kit, Height adjustments  43" up to 84"               $310.00 plus tax


LockDock Accessories

           4' Male and Female Connector -          $59.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           8' Male and Female Connector -        $120.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           12' Male and Female Connector -      $175.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           4' Lochdock Anodized Flat End Cap -   $80.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           4' Lochdock End Cap w/Step Mount -  $32.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           Lochdock Shore Mount Collar -           $20.50 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           36" Lochdock Vertical Bumper -         $45.50 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           4' Piano Hinge -                              $297.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           4' Lochdock X-Brace -                       $60.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           4' Lochdock Triangle w/Sure Step -  $456.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax

           LochDock 10" Dock Cleat -                $36.00 Plus 6% Sales Tax


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