In case you were wondering what 106 of our foam floats looks like on one load, here you go! We buy factory seconds in bulk, so you save!!

Click on the individual photos, below, to enlarge and scroll through!


Whether for work or play, our closed-cell foam floats provide many years of nearly-indestructable fun and function at the lake!  Kids, adults, and even dogs love to lounge on them!  Our floats come in a variety of sizes and colors, though black is by far our most popular color due to the warmth when lounging on them in cold water! These are capable of floating immense weight (see floating 1,200# plus boat lift picture, below!, or 800+ lbs. of adults on one float, also pictured above). These are factory seconds, so they all have some sort of minor blemishing or slight deformities, which is why they are a fraction of the price of the float companies you see elsewhere! They do NOT roll up, will NOT fit in an SUV or van, and we do NOT ship due to the outrageous cost of shipping and the unique look and feel of each one- we like you to pick it out!


Two of the full-thickness (roughly 4.5" thick) floats are capable of floating nearly any size aluminum boat lift and canopy up to 6k lift capacity (hydraulic-cable hybrid lifts will require 2.5 or 3 floats due to the extra and terribly off-balance weight versus electric or manual cable lifts) and can be cut into strips or 4 halves for greater stability (as pictured) or left whole with one under each end spreader bar (you'll risk flipping the lift, won't be able to use for removal), then used as a swim raft the rest of the summer!


Floats can easily be cut into smaller sections for boat lift or dock installations/ removals with a basic hand saw or band saw. Our new best practice for boat lift installation and removal is to cut two floats into 7 strips each, which makes it far more stable and eliminates the need to lift the hoist onto the floats. Strips are by far the most stable way to float a lift and gently set in the exact spot and make easy leg adjustments, though they lose buoyancy versus a whole or half piece, as any foam sticking up into the air does not provide lift- if you have a long way to go in shallow water, you may want a wheel kit as well.


  Rope handles, mooring/ anchor lines and cup holders can be easily added by using a hole-saw and blow torch.


Our inventory of specific sizes and colors is random and always changing, please text or call Brent at 269-217-7188 for current color availability.


***Please bring either a full size truck or trailer and ratchet straps for pickup! The 5'x6' floats WILL NOT fit inside an SUV, and it is simply too dangerous to tie onto the roof (trust us, we've tried, you'll destroy the float too)! 


The 5'x6' Floats are actually about 5'3"x6'5" typically***




We're sorry, due to the outrageous cost of shipping something of this size (shipping costs far more than the float itself), as well as due to the unique blemishes on each float, we like to have you pick out the exact floats you want. There are companies online that ship similar floats, but expect to pay $600-$1,200+ for each float plus shipping!


9/18/20 UPDATE: Quantities Are EXTREMELY Limited! Only Deformed or Thinner Floats Remaing- Still Great For Docks! Please Text or  Call Ahead!



Roughly 5'x6' x4.5" Thick Various Color Floats- $150 each plus 6% tax

Add $10 Each For Us To Pre-Cut Plain Floats Into Two Roughly 3'x5' Halves For You


SOLD OUT! Boat Lift Strips- One Black 5'x6' Float Pre-Cut Into Seven ~9" Wide Strips- $170 each plus 6% tax



SOLD OUT! Roughly 5'x6' x4.5" Thick Floats with Four Molded Cupholders- $180 each plus 6% tax


Roughly 5'x6' x4.5" Thick Beer Pong Float- $300 each plus 6% tax



Add 3% For All Credit/ Debit Cards!




Otter Island Deluxe Swim Raft by Wave Armor


Perfect for the whole family! Ditch your unsightly and unsafe homemade raft with rotten wood and ugly plastic barrel floats! The perfect compliment to the rest of your lakefront toys, no add-ons necessary, comes exactly as you see pictured!

  • Tough & Weatherproof, Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction- Entirely Foam Filled
  • Multi-Angle Back Rests (also lay flat) with storage space beneath each back rest
  • Folding Aluminum Ladder
  • Pop-Up Table with Beverage Holders (also lays flat), with the abilityto add an umbrella or solar lights
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Molded-in Handles (around entire raft bottom)
  • Recessed Reflectors on All Sides
  • 4 Molded-in Anchor Attachment Points (on raft bottom)
  • Dimensions:  10 Ft. Long x 8 Ft. Wide
  • Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 3,000 Pounds


COVID UPDATE: WAVE ARMOR will not be producing Otter Islands for the rest of Summer 2020 due to shifting all production over to SLX/ EVO Wave Port Jet Ski Docks



Otter Island Swim Raft- Includes chairbacks, table, ladder and clevis attachment/ sand anchor kit- $1,932.00 plus tax

(Choose Between Forest Green or Royal Blue Color For Table/ Seat-Backs)!

Customer Must Supply Their Own Rope Depending On Water Depth To Connect Bungee Kit To Anchor


Stand-Alone Sand Anchor Kit- $85.00 plus tax


Anchor Clevis Kit (Includes Bungees)- $48.00 plus tax


Anodized aluminum ladder, pop-up table and seat-backs with storage underneath are standard on Otter Island Rafts! Seats and table available in blue or green.

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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