Boat Lift / Hoist and Dock Install and  Removal Tools

 Foam Floats for Dock/Pier and Boat Lift/ Hoist Install and Removal, Swim Rafts


This is what the pro installers use to move

boat lifts and dock in the water.  One float

can move numerous sections of dock in 

one load, so why carry it? Effortlessly float your boat lift into place with two of our floats!


Hi-density closed-cell foam will not become water logged, corrode, break down or get cut and deflate like your expensive inner tubes.


This is ugly stuff and we buy semi loads of it, each of them has unique cosmetic blemishes. Available colors vary, though black is by far our most popular.


Sizes are roughly 4'x6' or 5'x6' x 4.5" thick (most are actually slightly oversize, but vary). Bring either a truck or trailer and straps for the 5'x6' as it will NOT fit into SUVs or mini-vans.


You can cut two floats into four halves for more stability and have enough bouyancy to float almost any aluminum boat lift and canopy, or leave them whole with one float under each end and use them for use as a swim raft the rest of the summer! We have personally floated lifts over 1,200# with just two of the floats cut into four halves, sitting right on top of the water!


4'x6' or 5'x6' Closed-Cell Foam Floats $120 each plus 6% tax

(They are the same price for either width, we simply offer the 4'x6' for those with SUVs)

Two 5'x6'x4.5" Floats Cut Into Four Halves Floating 1,300+ lb. Boat Lift and Canopy Right on Top of Water
It is nearly impossible to get the whole lift floating again for lift removal with four halves since the lift wants to float away from you after the first two. To remedy this, simply cut one of your floats into 6 long, skinny strips to sink under the lift
Four Whole 4'x'6'x4.5" Thick Floats Simply For Increased Stability for Long Distance Towing Across Lake
Two 5'x6'x4.5" Floats Cut Into Four Halves Floating Boat Lift and Canopy Right on Top of Water
Two 5'x6'x4.5" Floats Cut Into Four Halves Floating Boat Lift and Canopy Right on Top of Water
Two 5'x6'x4.5" Floats Cut Into Four Halves Floating Boat Lift and Canopy Right on Top of Water

Thinner foam floats in various 4'x6' and 5'x6' sizes and thicknesses varying from 1.5"-3" thick for use primarily as swim rafts, capable of holding several adults depending on thickness. Dogs love them as well! Compare these to the $300+ floats that you may find online or in other marine supply stores.


These will not float a boat lift, but they will certainly help float an aluminum dock section or small PWC lift.


$50 to $80 plus tax depending on desired float thickness

Boat Lift/ Boat Hoist Crane

Boat Lift Jack Demonstrating the Ease of Leg Height Adjustments!
Easily Perform Lift Leg Height Adjustments By Yourself!
Easily Raise Your Boat Lift Up Onto Foam Floats for Installation/ Removal!

Boat Lift /Boat Hoist Crane


Makes it easy to adjust leg heights while in the water by yourself! Save your buddies' backs and the hassle of rounding up extra help! Also use to set your lift on foam floats, or install wheels. All aluminum construction and stainless steel cable. 800 lb. automatic brake winch for smooth up/down travel with an automatic brake, no messing with flipping brake levers to change direction of travel!


$ 299.00 plus 6% tax


Boat Lift/ Boat Hoist Wheel Kits

Our 3/8" Plates are Much Thicker Than the Competition to Reduce Flex and Bent Brackets!
This photo is just an example, use this method at your own risk! Always consult with a professional first!

Unless you have a large crew of highly motivated labor to carry a lift in and out

of the water here are some options to make the task easier. If your lake bottom

and shoreline is relatively smooth and sandy, the 24''poly wheels will work great. Also, a fantastic option if you store your lift far away from the shoreline. The axle brackets are adjustable and will fit almost any lift. Once positioned and bolted up, the brackets stay on the lift, just remove the wheels while lift is in use. We suggest buying one wheel set to share with your neighbors and just add additional brackets to each lift.


Heavy Duty Poly Wheel Kit includes 2 Wheels, 4 Axle Brackets, Axles and Pins $225.00 plus 6% tax


Four aluminum heavy duty 3/8 thick Axle Bracket Plates (makes one pair) for boat lifts weighing over 500lbs. For Shorestation or Poly wheels with 1.9" axles.                          $99.00 plus 6% tax             



  Heavy Duty Shorestation Hub/Axle assemblies accept

GM 5 lug 4.5in wheels. Greasable bearings with holding

pins. Uses Shorestation Brackets sold above separately.

               $199.00 plus 6% tax per pair

Smarte Jacks

Smarte Jacks are the easiest way to install and remove your plastic wheels for boat lift installation and removal. Simply use a cordless drill to retract the jacks to remove the wheels while lift is in use. Then, just slide your wheels back on at the end of summer, extend the jacks to raise and roll your boat lift out of the water and easily onto shore for winter storage!


Smarte Jacks Pair (Wheels NOT Included) $372 plus 6% tax

Cut a Foam Float Into Thirds and Stack to Desired Height of Dock, Float the Dock and Yourself While You Auger With A Post Ratchet For Easy Augering Without Your Buddy Holding the Dock While You Auger! - Use This Technique at Your Own Risk!

If you have a lot of augers to install or remove, then this is the tool.  Save your buddies the hassle of holding up the dock while you auger using our foam floats (as seen above)!  Cut a full-size float into halves or thirds and stack to the approximate desired installation height for a quick and easy installation!


$99.00 plus 6% tax

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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