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RAPTOR BOAT LIFTS provide extremely shallow-water capability as well as fantastic wave clearance in deep water slips, as well as propeller-friendly safety for your prized wake or ski boat! RAPTOR is the only lift on the market with no continuous cradle crossmember, allowing shallower depth than traditional vertical boat lifts and no chance of smashing your fins, prop or rudder on the cradle- if it is deep enough for your boat to safely float, Raptor can handle it! The extremely-high travel range also makes them ideal for very rough lakes as well, getting your boat well out of harms way from getting smashed around by high wake. Also available with pontoon/ tritoon bunk option!


This can also be a great alternative to expensive piling-style permanent lifts in a deeper-water marina slip which requires many permits which are expensive and extremely slow to process, as well as other marina-regulations which may prevents or discourage a permanent lift. That way, if you move to a new slip, you can always take it with you or easily sell to someone else in the marina as it is extremely versatile- not just for wake boats, works great for center consoles as well!.



  • Have you ever been stuck on your boat lift/ boat hoist due to shallow water?
  • Ever hit your prop, fins or rudder on your lift cross beam?
  • Wish you could drive through your lift without damaging your prop?
  • Want more speed and power to raise your boat?
  • Need more travel range to raise your boat for wave clearance?


RAPTOR lifts are a 6,000# or 7,500# capacity lift with 120" of useable width, and are available with a 24', 27' or 30' deep-coverage canopy, and come complete with an integrated winch motor and 24V-20W solar charging system, the only thing you need to supply is two 12V Deep-Cycle Marine batteries and black plastic storage cases!



  • Industry’s shallowest water depth capability – 0.5″  Water Depth (above draft)
  • Industry’s longest travel range (Makes it great for rough/ deep water, too!) – 80 Inches
  • Raptor Lift’s Stealth Drive Motor- One of the fastest on the market!
  • Prop & Rudder Friendly
  • Drive-Through Capability
  • All-Aluminum Structure


  • Dual Side Lifting (DSL) Technology
  • Smooth Start and Stop Stealth Drive
  • Gearbox Reduction Provides One Of The Fastest Lift Speeds On The Market!
  • Fully Adjustable Upper and Lower Limit Settings





6,000# Capacity- 120"


RAPTOR 6,000# Lift with 24' Canopy, Stealth Drive Motor, Solar Kit- Unassembled- $16,482 plus tax



RAPTOR 6,000# Lift with 27' Canopy, Stealth Drive Motor, Solar Kit- Unassembled- $16,909 plus tax



RAPTOR 6,000# Lift with 30' Canopy, Stealth Drive Motor, Solar Kit- Unassembled- $17,242 plus tax



7,500# Capacity- 120"


RAPTOR 7,500# Lift with 27' Canopy, Stealth Drive Motor, Solar Kit- $19,285 plus tax, unassembled.



RAPTOR 7,500# Lift with 30' Canopy, Stealth Drive Motor, Solar Kit- $19,617 plus tax, unassembled.







Smarte Jack Wheel Kit (Self-Jacking w/ Your Power-Drill)- Price Per Pair (Requires Two Pairs)- $505 plus tax



Standard Wheel Kit (Requires Lifting To Mount Wheels)- Price Per Pair, Requires Two Pairs- $247 plus tax


RAPTOR VERTICAL Guide Poles- 4 Independent Guide Posts - $1,496 plus tax


RAPTOR Horizontal Full-Length Guide Rails- $1,117 plus tax



RAPTOR Pontoon Bunk Assembly- $949 plus tax



RAPTOR Tritoon Bunk Assembly- $1,425 plus tax



RAPTOR Bow Stop- Adjustable, Padded Bow Stop- $949 plus tax



SUPERIOR Boat Lift Step (3' Titan Composite Step w/ Aluminum Frame)- $219 plus tax



Professional assembly and delivery may be available depending on area (within 3 hour radius)- please call with lake address and let us know if we can drive our truck and specialized trailer unobstructed by trees, power/ cable lines, etc. through your yard to the shoreline (requires at least 15' of height and 15' width clearance, more width necessary if it is not a straight shot back to allow truck to turn- pictures of your yard help! Sorry, due to the complexity of the lift, we do NOT offer Raptor Lifts unassembled.



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