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Lift Tech Boat Lift Motors- Direct Drive

Lift Tech 110V AC Direct-Drive Motor Mounted On A SUMMIT MARINE 4,500# Lift


Lift Tech Direct-Drive Motors are our go-to when selecting a lift motor for a customer or friends and family! The most popular and most respected motor company on the market, with the easiest installation and overall user-friendliness! Any professional lift/ dock installer will be familiar with these systems.

  • Will fit ANY boat lift that has a wheel (with the proper adaptor installation kit). Up to 7,000 pound capacity.


  • AC 120 Volt Option- (Standard House Current) for use on GFCI circuit power at the shoreline or dock.





  • DC 24V Option- System for use with 24V Solar/ Battery Kit, sold separately, below.


  • The RED L.E.D. will continue to flash on and off while hooked up to AC power. This is normal. When you first start to operate the system, the RED L.E.D. will stay on for about 2 seconds then go off. This is normal. When operating the system in the up mode and the RED L.E.D. stays on, this means that the current limit has been reached and this will shorten the life of your system.


  • Installs in 20 minutes or less.


  • Available with corded remote option (for lifts with canopies) or manual key version for lifts without canopies.


  • Lift Tech Marine offers a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects on all of our boat lift motors!


Lift Tech 120V Direct-Drive Boat Lift Motor

Lift Tech 24V Direct-Drive Motor (Solar Kit & Batteries Sold Separately)

Please Watch: LiftTech AC Direct-Drive Motor Installation Video, Below!

Please Watch: LiftTech 24V DC Direct-Drive Motor Installation Video, Below!


Lift Tech Direct-Drive Boat Lift Motors



LiftTech Direct-Drive 110V Motor with Install Kit (Brand Specific), 15' Corded Remote (To Hang In Canopy)- $993 plus tax

(Requires a 110V GFCI power outlet at your shoreline, maximum of 100' of 12 guage extension cord or heavier guage)



LiftTech Direct-Drive 24V Motor with Install Kit (Brand Specific), 15' Corded Remote (To Hang In Canopy), 24V Solar Panel Kit with Post-Mount Aluminum Battery Tray, 20W Solar Panel, 4' Panel Arm, Hardware, Wiring- $1,403 plus tax

(Price does NOT include batteries- we don't sell batteries! Requires TWO 12V deep-cycle marine batteries- size/ series 24 and two black plastic storage cases- find them at Costco, Sam's, Walmart, Menards, Etc.)


24V Solar Kit (a la carte, universal to any lift brand)- Includes 20W Panel, Mounting Arm, Battery Tray, Hardware, Wiring- Batteries/ Black Plastic Storage Cases NOT Included (We do not ship these either, due to size and shipping expense) - $430.00 plus tax




Lift Tech A La Carte Options

Requires Winch-Brand Specific Install Kit, Sold Separately


LiftTech- Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor- 110 Volt AC, Keyed Operation- $807 plus tax


LiftTech- Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor- 12/24 Volt DC, Keyed Operation- $787 plus tax


LiftTech- 15' Corded Remote Control- For Keyed AC or DC Direct Drive LiftTech Motors- $98 plus tax


LiftTech- 20' Corded Remote Control- For Keyed AC or DC Direct Drive LiftTech Motors- $109 plus tax


LiftTech- Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor- 110 Volt AC- w/ Wireless Remotes- $1,097 plus tax


LiftTech- Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor- 12/24 Volt DC- w/ Wireless Remotes- $1,127 plus tax



Lift Tech Install Kits (Required- Boat Lift Brand-Specific!)


Install Kit- Max Lifts & Lakeshore Products (LSP) Lorenz Winch (part # MC)- $88 plus tax


Install Kit- Summit Marine Lorenz Winch (part # SU)- $104 plus tax


Install Kit- Max Lifts Dutton Lainson 4,500#-5,500# (part # DLB-40-55)- $88 plus tax


Install Kit- Shore Station (part # SS)- $88 plus tax


Nucraft Winch (part # CL)- $104 plus tax





Installs in less than 20 minutes


AC 110V or DC 12V / 24V Power


2 Year Warranty

Boat Lift Boss 24V Direct-Drive Motor & Optional Corded Remote

Boat Lift Boss 24V Direct-Drive Motor Mounted on MAX Boat Lift

Boat Lift Boss 24V Direct-Drive Motor Mounted on Shore Station Boat Lift



Boat Lift Boss Motors by Extreme Max are a direct-drive option, meaning they replace the crank wheel on boat lifts. We sell theAC and DC drives with manual turn-key operation or with a corded remote pendant.The corded pendants are great for lifts with canopies as it can be strung up across the canopy and hung in the driver's path for easy access.The AC drive motor is powered by 110V GFI power at your dock while the DC drive is powered off your boats 12V battery, or a 24v solar kit and batteries mounted to your lift for easy and reliable use without the expense of running power out to your shoreline.



 6200lb capacity. Key lock security = no key, no operation.   






Boat Lift Boss- Direct Drive Boat Lift/ Hoist Motors




AC 120V - Key Switch Motor. Model 3006.4509

                      $735.00 plus tax  


 AC 120V - w/ Corded Pendant Model 3006.4515

                      $822.00 plus tax 




DC 12V/24V - Key Switch Motor. Model 3006.4518

                       $735.00 plus tax  


DC 12V/24V - w/ Corded Pendant  Model 3006.4521

                       $822.00 plus tax   

Note - motors requre an installation kit. The different boat lift brands have different winch-axle splines, and therefore require a variety of unique adaptors.

We only carry install kits for Max Lifts, Summit Marine Lifts and the 4.5" wide- winch Shore Station Brand (2500lb - 4000lb capacity).


The price of the install kits is included in the motor prices, as posted above.  





An economical and reliable way to power a boat lift for boats up to 3,500lbs.! The universal, winch wheel to motor wheel design fits most all brands of boat lifts up to 3,600# weight capacity (larger lifts with heavier boats require the above direct-drive motor systems). With a simple bungee-tensioning system, you can easily disconnect the bungee and flip the motor out of the way to rapidly crank the wheel up by hand to quickly stabilize the boat on wavy or windy lakes, then simply reconnect the bungee to motor the boat lift to the desired resting height!


The 12V DC version comes with a 15' cable to connect to your boat's 12V battery (if long enough, or extensions can be purchased), a stand-alone battery on the dock (recommended, simply charage the battery in the garage periodically and save your boat battery and expense/hassle of solar kits) or a solar kit (sold separately), while the 120V AC unit is ready to plug into your 110v GFI-protected dock power outlet.


Quick and easy to install and features a two-year replacement warranty. See the manufacturer's fantastic installation video below to see just how easy it is to install these motors in just minutes!



Boat Lift Buddy- DC 12V Wheel Motor # 3006.4550   $798.00 plus tax


Boat Lift Buddy- AC 120V Wheel Motor # 3006.4553  $798.00 plus tax



Please Watch: Wheel-Assist Motor Installation Video, Below!



Solar Kits


Solar kits come complete with everything you need except a battery & black plastic battery storage case (Marine Deep Cycle 12V-Series 24 size).  Our kits are easy to install with clear instructions and labeled wires with numbered plug-ends. Solar panels are mounted in aluminum anodized frames with sealed tempered glass, built for years of outdoor use.


We only recommend the 24V system (requires TWO deep-cycle marine batteries and black plastic cases- sold at Walmart, Costco, Sam's, Menards, Etc.) as the 12V system with only one battery is simply too slow for most customers. The 24V system provides a much faster lift motor speed for those running a direct-drive motor system.



Kits include: solar panel, universal adjustable panel-mounting bracket, pre-wired w/ 20' of wire & 3/8" terminals, post mount universal battery tray. Note: 20w 12v systems include a voltage controller. A 20w 24v systems does not need a controller and is therefore cheaper, not factoring the additional necessary battery. 



Recommended For Direct-Drive Motors:

20w 24V Solar Panel Kit with Panel Bracket & Canopy Mount Dual Canopy Tray-

$430.00 plus 6% tax

*Requires Two 12V Deep Cycle Marine- Series 24 Size Batteries & Plastic Storage Cases- NOT Included!- Can Be Found At Walmart, Sam's, Costco, Menards, Etc.*




Recommended For Wheel-Assist Motors (If Not Utilizing The Boat's Battery):


20w 12V Solar Panel Kit with Panel Bracket & Canopy-Mount Battery Tray -

$454.00 plus 6% tax 

*Requires One 12V Deep Cycle Marine- Series 24 Size Battery & Case- NOT Included!*




SUPERIOR Universal Vertical Guide-Ons (HD-VGOs)


SUPERIOR HD Vertical Guide-Ons (HD-VGOs)


Our own design of universal vertical boat guides is the simplest, most effective way to guide and protect your boat into your boat lift/ hoist, while taking up the least amount of width for boats with a tight clearance. 4' HD aluminum tube with simple mounting brackets and 4' PVC roller-sleeve for easy PVC replacement over the years.


The vertical design ensures that the guides always make contact with your boat's rub rail first, unlike horizontal full-length guides often miss the rub rail and end up rubbing against the hull or pontoons of your boat if they are not properly adjusted, or if you hit waves while entering the lift. Due to the modular design, the individual  components are easy to replace if you end up coming in too hot.


This is the design we use on our own personal boat lift and is the safest option for your boat, especially in rough water.


Universal mounting with the provided U-bolts, backing plates and Nylock nuts fits any brand of 2"x5" or 2"x6" cradle beams.



SUPERIOR HD Vertical Guide-Ons- $285 plus 6% tax

SUPERIOR Universal Boat Guides & Boat Lift Step-Over

SUPERIOR Universal Boat Guides & Boat Lift Step

Our 12' horizontal guide-ons come with U-bolt brackets that fit either a 2"x5" or 2"x6" cradle beam size on your existing boat lift, with slider tabs that bolt to the upright tubes, allowing you to adjust the position of the uprights based on your lift.


Our boat lift step comes with the same U-bolt brackets that the side guides come with, and have two hole options which allow it to fit either a 2"x5" or a 2"x6" side cradle beam. The boat lift step WILL NOT WORK on Shore Station Brand lifts or any other brand which has a horizontal bar on the side of the lift frame itself- it requires a V-cut lift frame (the outer boat lift frame itself, not the cradle, like the photos above) on the dock side to avoid interference as the step travels up and down with the cradle.


The vertical mounting tubes measure 32" tall, and has 20" of space between the angled support gussets and the bottom of the tube, so theoretically you can have 12-13" of vertical adjustability depending on the size of your lift cradle. The TITAN gray composite tread is 1'x3' and provides a grippy surface for confident loading and unloading. These are great for putting narrow boats on wide lifts as well, helping to bridge the gap to the boat without having to offset the bunks to one side of the lift.



SUPERIOR Poly/ Aluminum 12' Horizontal Boat Guide-Ons $456 plus 6% tax


SUPERIOR Boat Lift Step-Over (Aluminum Frame w/ Titan Composite Tread)  $219 plus 6% tax



Lift Loft- Boat Lift Canopy Storage


Looking for a convenient storage solution for your skis, boards, tubes or life jackets? The LIFT LOFT is the solution for you- a breathable mesh storage net which comes in two sizes- 96" - 108" width and 110" - 124" wide boat lift canopy. Comes with adjustable attachment straps.


Lift Loft Storage Net- Fits 96" to 108" Width Canopies- $99.00 plus tax


Lift Loft Storage Net- Fits 110-124" Width Canopies- $109.00 plus tax

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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