Dock / Pier Support Options & Dock / Pier Accessories 

***All Prices Subject To Change At Any Time Without Notice!***

Choose from the options above for the runway of your dock!



For an accurate dock quote, we'll need you to provide:


-Type of dock desired? Choose from the options, below! Poles visible above dock or hidden (underdock UDS style) poles?


-Location if you want it delivered or installed?


-Beach and/or low level grass shoreline, or elevated sea wall/ rock wall start? What type of sea wall and how high from the lake bed? Pictures help us!

(See picture and video, below, for tips on how to measure for height with a sea wall/ rock wall/ elevated bank, since that will determine the height of your dock height rather than the water, unless the dock is too low )


-Water depth (or height to top of sea wall/ bank level) every 10' from your desired starting point until desired depth? If you have an existing dock that you are simply replacing, that is the perfect template for pole lengths especially while it is on shore for the winter!

(Your dock needs to be at least 12-18" above the water on an average inland lake, 24-28" plus above the water on very rough lakes or for lakes which are prone to seasonal flooding. Just make sure that the existing poles are long enough to keep your dock a proper height out of the water- if your existing dock gets submerged during flood periods, let us now so we can add length to all of your new poles! If it has augers on the current poles, let us know as that will affect the new length too.)


-Muck depth every 10' from starting point (i.e. pure sand or do you sink to your ankles, shins, knees, waist deep?)

(Shin deep muck or deeper will change the hardware that is required! This measurement does not have to be exact)


-Do you plan to moor a boat directly to the dock or use a boat lift?

(A boat lift is safest for your boat and your dock, extra precautions should be taken if mooring directly to the dock!)


Desired layout? If you want a platform, take a look at our pictures and draw us a very basic block-sketch with the water/ muck depth measurements added to each location!

(If you're going straight out, this can still help eliminate confusion and help by showing location of boat lifts, steps, etc.)



Please check out the picture below, and/or watch our YouTube video (read the video's description too) for a tutorial on methods to self-measure for your new dock system when dealing with a seawall, rock wall or elevated bank at your shoreline! These factors can result in much longer pole lengths required than the water depth alone may suggest!


MaxLoc Dock/Pier Supports


MaxLoc Dock/ Pier Supports


This is our primary dock support- built from a 2"x4" style aluminum extrusion and a solid anodized-billet aluminum block clamp, the MaxLoc crossmember has revolutionized the seasonal dock industry! Lightweight & strong (MUCH more stable than traditional 'clamshell' style pole clamps), incredibly easy to install and adjust with only 1 person (watch the video!), these are a must if you are considering a new dock or want to improve an existing dock! We offer a wide variety of possibilities for platforms and unique dock layouts and designs-just send us a sketch of what you want and we'll design a custom solution for you!


At barely more than the cost of traditional post and clamp dock hardware that stretches and breaks within a few years, this system will pay for the price difference by itself over time versus replacing cross-arm clamps every few years!  They are great replacements of your current shaky crossmembers to beef up any existing standard witdth docks (35.25" or 47.25" width, which is 80% of the market, just be sure to measure yours!) which you may already own and to get the ease of installation and added strength without replacing your entire dock or poles.


You will need one MaxLoc support per 'runway' dock section- the docks share the support at each end where they join together.


Just use a 5/16" Allen head socket on your cordless impact gun or ratchet or common L- shaped allen wrench to adjust the height with the two bolts pictured above and you're done!! Many people can adjust the dock by themselves, 1 hand holding dock at desired height, the other hand loosens and tightens the dock as necessary.



3' MaxLoc Fixed-Width Crossmember (Fits Any Standard 35.25" Width Dock)- $105.00 plus 6% tax

4' MaxLoc Fixed-Width Crossmember (Fits Any Standard 47.25" Width Dock)- $115.00 plus 6% tax





ULTRA-ARM Dock/ Pier Supports



Ultra-Arms are simple and quick to level your dock, lightweight and rigid! The PVC inner-sleeve minimizes friction and jamming when augering poles as well as during leveling adjustments. These can be adjusted with a single wrench/ ratchet/ impact gun to free up your other hand to level your lightweight aluminum dock on your own!


These are great replacements for your current shaky and cumbersome traditional crossmembers and in our opinion, the best alternative to MaxLoc supports to beef up and simplify your dock installation! These are a fixed-width and fit any existing standard witdth docks (35.25" or 47.25" width, which is 80%+ of the market, just be sure to measure yours!).


You will need one Ultra-Arm support per 'runway' dock section- the docks share the support at each end where they join together. For platforms, we switch to SUPERIOR HD Beam supports under the platform only.



3' ULTRA-ARM Fixed-Width Crossmember (Fits Any Standard 35.25" Width Dock)- $105.00 plus 6% tax

4' ULTRA-ARM Fixed-Width Crossmember (Fits Any Standard 47.25" Width Dock)- $115.00 plus 6% tax



 SUPERIOR HD Beam Platform Crossmembers

We design your dock right-The third support in the middle makes a world of difference! Most competitors focus on the lowest bid instead of the best solutions!
When comparing quotes, look at more than just the bottom line price! Do you want it done cheap, or done right? Apples to apples comparisons are almost non-existent, which is why most research-based buyers come back to us!


SUPERIOR HD Beam- Platform Deck Crossmembers


SUPERIOR HD Beams are stronger than MaxLoc platform supports, a fraction of the weight and easier to attach the T/L platform beams to the MaxLoc support on the runway of the dock (3' and 4' MaxLocs are still the easiest to adjust and strongest runway supports available, so we still prefer those on the main part of the dock). 


If you are doing a parallel platform (all dock sections facing same direction as the runway), you will want 3 of the Standard SUPERIOR HD Beams for the first 10' of your platform, in either 8' or 12' depending on your desired platform layout. Most of our competiton just quotes 2 supports for their platform decks for the sake of being more competitive- we prefer to do it the right way and add the third support in the center (see photos above) to avoid pinched feet as the sections flex, and to provide additional support for when you accidentally get too many friends on your new dock!


For a 10' long 'L' platform section (turns perpendicular to the runway, whether 8' or 12' width) you will need 1 T&L SUPERIOR HD Beam and 2 Standard SUPERIOR HD Beams of the same width, then 2 more of the Standard SUPERIOR HD Beams for every additional 10' of platform that extends out. Having the third support in the middle of the platform prevents pinching your feet between the dock sections if they flex indepently and also provides more support and peace-of-mind for when you accidentally end up with too many friends out enjoying your dock platform.


3' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember- $158.00 plus tax

3' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)- $162.00 plus tax


4' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember- $165.00 plus tax

4' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)-  $170.00 plus tax


8' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember- $214.00 plus tax

8' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)- $228.00 plus tax


12' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember- $275.00 plus tax

12' SUPERIOR HD Beam Crossmember T&L (To MaxLoc Runway Support)- $300.00 plus tax



SUPERIOR Heavy Duty Underdock Stands



Heavy Duty Underdock Supports feature adjustable height and width, which makes them ideal for our 4'x10' SUPERIOR SureStep Composite dock sections (which are too wide for MaxLoc or SUPERIOR HD Beam supports). These are also the best option if you want a clean looking, incredibly sturdy dock without seeing any poles above the dock!


With the welded triangle tubular gusset framework in the corners, these are by far the strongest dock support option that we offer!


Price is for upper-frame only and does NOT include poles or footplates (sold separately, a la carte style based on your dock height needs- tall UDS stands give roughly 14" of adjustment, the 'shorty' stand gives roughly 6" of adjustment.Therefore, plan to select your poles (priced individually, below) closest to your actual desired height, then add the UDS which adds about 3" of height plus adjustability. If you end up too tall, you can either get the next 1' increment smaller pole and use some of the adjustability of the UDS, can slide your footplates up the pole 2-5" which will then jam down into the sand so you always have some reserve if your water level rises, or simply cut your poles off at custom heights to get the best possible fit for your exact location. The more pole you can keep sleeved inside, the better, in case you need to go up in height as you go down the line- some people prefer to buy 16' or 21' blank poles and custom cut them as they go, so you are leaving the maxiumum amount of pole inside each sleeve for reserve, which also helps stablity.



***Prices shown below are for the UDS support upper-frame only and does NOT include poles or footplates! Scroll down the page to add poles and footplates a la carte based on your needs!***


3'-4' Adjustable Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (12"+ Tall)-$149 plus 6% tax


3'-4' Adjustable Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (24"+ Tall)-$165 plus 6% tax


8' Adj.-Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (24"+ Tall)-$188 plus 6% tax


12' Adj.- Width Superior HD Underdock Stand (24"+ Tall, Requires Middle Leg & Footplate)-$313

plus 6% tax

Aluminum Dock Poles


Our aluminum dock poles are industry-standard 2" outer diameter (O.D.) and 1.84" inner diameter (I.D.) which will fit standard 1.75" augers and will never rust like galvanized steel poles, giving your dock a clean look and are a fraction of the weight of your old steel poles!


Our poles in lengths 7' and longer are a 33% thicker, Heavy Duty wall stock (.120" versus standard .088") to strengthen the dock in deep-water and deep-muck situations, but retain their 2" O.D. size (the extra thickness is to the inside) to work with all standard size dock components- supports, footplates and augers!


SHIPPING: We're sorry, due to the outrageous cost of shipping something of this size WE DO NOT OFFER SHIPPING.


2' Aluminum Pole $12.00 plus 6% tax

3' Aluminum Pole $16.00 plus 6% tax

4' Aluminum Pole $20.00 plus 6% tax

5' Aluminum Pole $24.00 plus 6% tax

6' Aluminum Pole $28.00 plus 6% tax


7' HD Aluminum Pole $33.00 plus 6% tax

8' HD Aluminum Pole $36.00 plus 6% tax

9' HD Aluminum Pole $42.00 plus 6% tax

10' HD Aluminum Pole $49.00 plus 6% tax

11' HD Aluminum Pole $53.00 plus 6% tax

12' HD Aluminum Pole $57.00 plus 6% tax

16' HD Aluminum Pole $75.00 plus 6% tax

24' HD Aluminum Pole $110.00 plus 6% tax


Bottom Plates



H.D. 12" x 12" MUD PLATE 

If you have a little muck or silt these will help, or add extra stability to your dock even on sandy bottoms! We always use these on dock platforms and/or the last 2-3 sections of a straight runway dock, regardless of lake bed for extra support- think of it like a snowshoe, the larger the more stability you will get, whether it is muddy or sandy, you will still benefit from it! These work well in up to shin deep muck.


Corners are turned down toprotect your feet from sharp corners and to help grip the lake bed. 


12 in. x 12 in. with 3/4" stainless bolt with brass nut.

Accepts up to 2" dia.poles. Centers are open so poles can pass through 4-6" for extra bite.


HEAVY DUTY 12" x 12" MUD PLATE- $32.00 plus 6% tax





For 2" diameter poles, our HD aluminum foot plates offer several advantages over the competition's: 3/4" stainless set bolt with brass nut (versus smaller, galvanized 9/16"), taller collar, and most importantly, turned down edges to prevent skidding and to protect your bare feet from sharp corners!


HEAVY DUTY 8"X8" BOTTOM PLATE- $16.00 plus 6% tax




Our standard auger (center & left) fits 0.080" to 0.125" wall-thickness poles all-in-one with its tapered- shank!
Can your cast aluminum auger do this?! Stop constantly breaking the brittle cast augers and enjoying installing your dock again!




Finally, an auger that doesn't break in half like the cast aluminum augers, or add senseless weight to an install!

Use these when in extreme muck and you need to grip the bottom below it, or most importantly to add extra security to your lightweight aluminum dock if you plan to moor a boat directly to the dock to prevent the dock from being flipped over with your boat yanking on it! These are also what we use for our shore-starter kit.


Believe it or not, we have had people break multiple standard cast-aluminum augers in the same spot, then tried these despite being skeptical about durability and they had no issues driving it into the same hole that kept breaking the aluminum augers! We have 'football spiked' these and cast aluminum augers into


These have a tapered shank to allow them to fit common 2" O.D. dock poles with a standard-wall thickness of 0.090" and also heavy-duty 2" O.D. pipe with 0.120" wall thickness. Comes with galvanized bolt and nut.


SUPERIOR Composite Augers- $14.00 each plus 6% tax



These fit common 2" O.D. dock poles and are typically used above regular pole-tip auger at a certain interval above your regular auger (sometime requiring several on the same pole in extreme muck, spaced out to provide additional surface area throughout the layers of muck). The distance between your regular auger and the mud auger will depend on your muck density, ideally the regular auger should be far enough down to start gripping into a firmer base, to help thread/ pull the larger mud auger through the soft stuff and down to get a firmer layer for a better 'snowshoe effect' and adding stability to your dock.


MUD Augers- $32.00 each plus 6% tax  



These fit common 2" O.D. dock poles (and up to 2.25" O.D.), the long handles give you much more leverage and the larger diameter of the handles is much more gentle on your hands than re-bar. Many people do not drive their augers in far enough to be effective because of using large screwdrivers or scrap re-bar and are miserable in the process. These ratchets allow you (or two people in tough ground) to crank easier and more effectively by allowing more downward pressure as you crank, while also having the ability to slightly steer the pole as you drive it in by shifting your body position and doing partial turns, versus a screwdriver or bar where you'll likely always end up in the same start and stop point which can tip the pole as it drives in- the same is true for the single handle designs which can be worse than a piece of bar stock.

Post Ratchet- $110.00 each plus 6% tax 


Shore Starter Kit


If you want a functional and good looking way to start a dock off on land without the added cost of a stand or an H assembly, these are what you want. Adds rigidity to your dock without having to bolt to a seawall or deck.


The base kit contains 2 aluminum side brackets, 2 augers, and two 3' poles (most people upgrade to 4' or 5' poles in soggy conditions OR where extra height above ground is needed due to flooding, we bill this all a la carte anyway, so this kit is merely an example price). Dock sections already have one hole so all you do is drill one more and bolt them on. Now, you will be able to adjust the dock starting height as well as add rigidity to the entire dock. 


Most customers leave the poles augered-in during the off season so in the Spring their dock can go back in the same exact spot which means fewer adjustments.




Shore Starter Kit (3' Poles (Hard Soil, Dock Low), Augers, Bracket)- Many Situations Require Longer Poles)- $107.00 plus 6% tax  


Shore Starter Kit (4' Poles (Most Common), Augers, Bracket)- $114.00 plus 6% tax


Optional-Anodized Aluminum End Cap- $46 plus 6% tax

End Caps



Aluminum Dock End Caps


End caps provide both form and function by providing a clean, finished look to your dock which matches the side rails (stringers) and most importantly to protect you from sharp framework edges underneath the dock! A fantastic option to enclose platform ends to really set the dock apart!


This is especially important when on the shore end of a dock which has a step up from a seawall or shore starter kit, preventing you from skinning the top of your foot if you accidentally kick underneath the dock itself while stepping up if the dock is exposed above ground.


Please note: these are designed to fit on our own dock using inserts which pop into the underside framework of your dock, depending on the size and spacing of your framework, they may or may not work if you are retro-fitting them to an existing dock purchased elsewhere, or even 5+ year old generations of our own dock.


Standard 3' Anodized Aluminum End Cap- $44.00 plus 6% tax each

Standard 4' Anodized Aluminum End Cap- $46.00 plus 6% tax each


Dock Bumpers


36" Vertical Dock Bumpers

Our vertical bumpers slip over your standard 2" O.D.dock poles and are quickly secured and easily adjusted using a single 3/4" stainless-steel set bolt. The aluminum bumper frame extends out to provide clearance for traditional dock support clamps, as well as our Max Loc supports.


These provide far better protection and looks than the traditional slip-on torpedo style bumpers that are difficult to install and remove and rot away after a few years. Also, the torpedo bumpers do not provide proper protection over our MaxLoc supports.



Shown Left to Right:

Extended (L Platforms) - Standard - UDS Support Type




White Poly/ Aluminum 36" Vertical Dock Bumper

$66 plus 6% tax each


Extended Arm (To Reach Around 'L' Platform Corner) White Poly/ Aluminum 36" Vertical Dock Bumper

$79 plus 6% tax each



UDS Under Dock Support Specific- White Poly/ Aluminum 36" Vertical Dock Bumper (P/N UDS36BMP)

$76 plus 6% tax each




Mooring Pole-Support Side-Brackets

Mooring-Pole Side-Support Brackets


These brackets allow you to skip the hassle of auguring your entire dock to secure it for direct boat tie-up. Simply install your dock using our 8"x8" HD traditional footplates or 12"x12"  XL Mud Plates for a quick and easy installation and leveling, without the misery of having to hold the dock up while your buddy augers the poles and trying to get the dock to auger in straight.


Once your dock is perfectly level and straight with simple installation on footplates, then add Pole Support Side Brackets wherever necessary to add augured mooring poles to 'anchor' your lightweight aluminum dock to the lake bed, allowing safer boat tie-up for the dock itself and your precious boat. This method of installation is more steps overall, but FAR easier than auguring the entire dock!


Use at least 4 Mooring Side-Support Brackets per boat on the dock, even more for windy areas or large boats. The minimum number of augured poles per boat should be 6- 4 augured poles holding the dock in place, 2 of which the boat will attach to, and 2 free-standing augured poles on the opposite side of the boat, creating a 'spider web' where the boat does not touch the dock or the poles when it is properly spaced with Anchor Shock Bungees (below).


Pole-Support Side-Brackets- $23.00 each plus 6% tax

(Does not include 2" dock pole or auger)

Anchor Shock- Mooring Shock Absorber Lines


Anchor Shock- Mooring Shock Absorber Lines


Save your dock (especially, lightweight aluminum dock) from the additional stress of being yanked around in the wind by your boat.  24" long bungees with a loop on one end and stainless-steel carabiner-style hook opposite for front pontoon eyelets or boat cleats. Perfect for a safe and secure four-point tie-up of your pontoon!


Create a 'spider web' with the bungees slightly tensioned between four poles which reduces harmful yanking on the dock and boat as wind and waves come through. It also keeps the boat centered and preventing it from hitting the dock or the poles when properly spaced!


These are also perfect for sand-bar party tie-up between boats! Keeps boats tight together with standard boat fenders inbetween, preventing the boats from violently jerking around or slamming together like with standard rope, and no knots needed! Simply loop through itself on your cleat, then clip onto your buddie's boat cleat and let the fun begin!


These were tested at an incredible 500,000 cycles! For boats up to 3,500 lbs, and NOT meant to be the primary line. We recommend to tie a secondary rope line just short of the fully-extended bungee length to prevent bungee from snapping in sustained high winds. Tie the rope through the caribiner so you only have to hook 1 time in each corner.



Anchor Shock 24" Mooring Lines- $24.00 each plus 6% tax


Anchor Shock 40" Mooring Lines- $34.00 each plus 6% tax

Solar Dock Lights




    Not to be confused with the cheap box-store solar lights, these will outlast and outperform just about everything else on the market! Takes one rechargeable AA battery each with 1-3 years battery life expectancy. Lights up for up to 18 hours on a full 10 hour sunny day charge. You can order different color LED bulb replacements online for a distinct look on your shoreline to help friends find you!


  Fits standard 2" O.D. dock poles & includes reducers for oddball smaller diameter dock poles, fence posts, etc.



LakeLite Solar Lights- $55.00 plus tax for a 2 pack

T & L / Seawall Brackets

T&L/ Seawall Brackets

Aluminum brackets are for connecting dock

sections when "T" ing off or making an "L" 

90 degree turn off the side of a dock section.


Just drill matching holes through the bracket 

and a dock section side stringer and then

bolt together. These are what you need for

starting a dock off a steel or wood seawall which is perpendicular to the direction of the dock.


  3' T & L Bracket  $67.00 plus 6% tax


  4' T & L Bracket  $72.00 plus 6% tax

Dori Poles- Bird Deterrent & Dock Styling


Dori Poles- The Ultimate Bird Deterrent!


Dori Pole flags offer a great way to keep your dock clean and free of birds and their droppings! Not to mention, they are a fantastic way to set your dock apart from the rest, making it easy for family and friends to find your house from the water! Also, show your team pride with multi-colored flags available in a wide variety of color choices!


Price includes a 19' telescoping fiberglass pole that fits right inside standard 2" O.D. dock pipes!



Single Color Penant- $169.00 plus 6% tax

Dual (Split) Color Penant- $179.00 plus 6% tax

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Penant- $189.00 plus 6% tax

Deep-Water Diagonal Braces



Adds additional stability to dock in deep water or extreme muck where longer poles are necessary.

Clamps at each end to your 2" standard dock poles and is the easiest improvement for a shaky dock/pier system.





Diagonal Brace for 3' Wide Dock

$51.00 plus 6% tax 


Diagonal Brace for 4' Wide Dock

$56.00 plus 6% tax 


Superior Traditional Dock Hardware




  For those who wish to match their replacement or add-on harware to their existing traditional 'old school' hardware. Stringer Brackets are extruded aluminum and Cross-Arm Clamps are stamped aluminum- not to be confused with the imported cast aluminum hardware that is brittle and has imperfections that can often cause breaks.


If you are designing a brand-new dock system, forget you ever saw this type of clamp and check out our MaxLoc or UDS supports which are far stronger!




Stringer Bracket    $17.00 plus 6% tax

Cross Arm Clamp  $16.00 plus 6% tax

Diagonal Clamp (for diagonal augered-pole)- $22.00 plus 6% tax




3' Aluminum Cross Arm      $20.00 plus 6% tax 

3'3'' Aluminum Cross Arm   $22.00 plus 6% tax

4' Aluminum Cross Arm      $24.00 plus 6% tax

 4'3'' Aluminum Cross Arm   $26.00 plus 6% tax


***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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