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Please enjoy these helpful tips and tricks for a simpler and easier workload each summer! Start enjoying installing and removing your dock and boat lift again- with the right knowledge and tools, there's no point in paying someone else to do it! Get the job done safely and correctly, and on your own timeline to maximize your boating season! Use these tips and techniques at your own risk, always consult a professional or experienced neighbor if you are unsure of what exactly you are doing!



Safe Boat Lift Operation And Maintenance


Canopy Cover Folding


Be sure to clean the bird poop, leaves, etc off in the fall on a nice day (you can use a mild dish soap or car wash solution and gentle brush) and then let the cover dry all day in the sun. Keep flipping or adjusting the canopy periodically so the wrinkles will get a chance to dry out. Put the cover away in storage only if it is bone dry, otherwise you risk mildew which may be at least partially permanent. Also, store it in your basement where it is a constant temperature in the winter (versus being exposed to cold, dry, harsh air and rodents in the garage), vinyl is like your skin and can dry out when exposed to cold and extremely dry weather all winter. Dryer sheets placed around and inside the canopy can help deter rodents from chewing holes all through it, making it look like swiss cheese. Treat your vinyl in the spring (and periodically) with a premium vinyl protectant, like 3M Brand '303' Spray.


Dock & Pier Installation and Removal




Boat Lift & Boat Hoist Installation and Removal


Please watch the video, below, to learn about lift removal without physical lifting involved!

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