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Most of our existing 2018 stock was purchased prior to the tariff increases- many suppliers are raising 3-10% for 2019 model year to keep up with the metals trade-war tariff price hikes- save money and time by purchasing now versus procrastinating until spring!


Superior Dock is built right here in Michigan to our exacting specifications! Every joint is welded (over 190 welds on each 4' dock) and sports square-stock aluminum underdeck framework for unsurpassed rigidity- two full length and four width-wise supports on a 4' dock, 1 full length and three spanning the width on a 3' wide dock. A best-value dock with made-in-Michigan integrity. Not to be confused with the dock sold at local hardware stores or on Craigslist which only has one full-length and two or three width-wise underdock supports on 4' wide dock and uses 30lbs. less aluminum to build, resulting in a dock that looks the same on top, but much bouncier! We focus on quality products and making sure you get the ideal system tailored to your exact situation (whether it is from us or not!) versus pushing the highest margin for us!


For a basic dock quote, we'll need you to provide:


-Type of dock desired? Poles visible above dock or hidden (underdock style) poles?


-Location if you want it delivered or installed?


-Beach/ grass or sea wall/ rock wall start? What type of sea wall and how high from the lake bed?

(See video , below, for tips on how to measure for height with a sea wall since the wall sets your dock height rather than the water)


-Water depth every 10' from your desired starting point until desired depth?

(Your dock needs to be at least 12-18" above the water on an average inland lake!)


-Muck depth every 10' from starting point (i.e. pure sand or ankles, shins, knees, waist deep?)

(Shin deep muck or deeper will change the hardware that is required!)


-Do you plan to moor a boat directly to the dock or use a boat lift?

(A boat lift is safest for your boat and your dock, extra precautions should be taken if mooring directly to the dock!)


Please watch our YouTube video, below, and read the video's description for a tutorial on methods to measure for your new dock system! In order to get you an accurate quote you a dock, we need to know some basic information to get started- every single dock is unique, so if you simply tell us you "need a quote for a dock", that is as vague to us as telling a builder you need a quote for a house, so a little bit of information goes a long way for both of us to ensure you get the best system possible and the most accurate quote!




The anodized coating process creates a smooth and stain free surface. Dirt and bird droppings wash off easily when it rains, or with a soft-bristled broom. Like having a Teflon-coated dock that looks like new for years. Contrary to popular belief, it stays cool to the touch- 38 degrees cooler than wooden dock (94 degrees vs. 132 degrees for treated-wood decking on a 92 degree day!) and is much lighter than wood sections (101 lbs. each vs. 160-240 lbs. each for wood sections) for easier installation and removal!


Save your back and the hassle of powerwashing and staining your wood dock! 4'x10' anodized is by far our best selling dock and is always in stock, ready to go transform your lakefront to your dream setup! This is the dock of the future-wooden docks will soon be a thing of the past!


3' x 10' Anodized All-Aluminum Dock Section- $395 plus 6% tax


4' X 10' Anodized All-Aluminum Dock Section- $499 plus 6% tax 


4' x 12' Anodized Dock Section (For Horseshoe Around Boat Lift)- $725 plus 6% tax


4' x 9'6" Anodized All-Aluminum Section (For Parallel Platform)- $510 plus 6% tax


Just like your mother always told you- it's not what's on the surface that counts, it's what is underneath that counts! All anodized aluminum docks look the same on top, we add twice the framework underneath versus the competition's which can bounce like
SUPERIOR Anodized Aluminum Dock with 4'x12' 'Horseshoe' Boat Lift Slip and 10'x12' Paralle Platform, Summit Marine 45120 Tri-Toon Lift
Anodized 4'x10' Runway with 8'x10' 'L' Perpendicular Platform- Our most popular setup! The 'L' can go either left or right, allowing for a boat lift or mooring poles along the flat side, and a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view!
Seawall- Mounted 4'x10' Anodized Aluminum Runway with 10'x12' L Platform, 4-Step Superior Steps, 5 Step HD Ladder with Flip Kit, Max VL PRO 40122 Boat Lift with 26' Canopy
Create a 'Horseshoe' Dock Around Your Boat Lift!
Anodized 4'x10' Runway with 8'x10' 'L' Perpendicular Platform- Our most popular setup! The 'L' can go either left or right, allowing for a boat lift or mooring poles along the flat side, and a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view!
Anodized 4'x10' Runway with 10'x12' 'T' Platform- Universal platform parts can easily change from 'T' to 'L' configuration
Create a Beautiful Walkway and Deck Over Damp and Marshy Ground
Create a Beautiful Walkway and Deck Over Damp and Marshy Ground (Parallel Platform Utilizing 4' x 9'6" Anodized)
Anodized 4'x10' Runways with 20'x12' 'L' (Perpendicular) Platform, 'horseshoe' boat lift slips
12'x20' Permanent firepit deck from seven 4'x10' anodized dock sections and one 6'x10' anodized section to create the cutout for the firepit to be installed- great for marshy and damp yards, moveable if you choose a new location!




Ideal for where big waves surge over docks, saving the dock from being ripped around in the surf, the waves are meant to surge through it rather than slamming it around. Slip-resistant, much quieter to walk on than aluminum (especially with kids and dogs) and maintenance free.

Anodized aluminum side stringers and specially-designed welded supports underneath have been added to stiffen the composite and reduce the bounce that you feel on some competitor's docks! The end panels on each 10' section are also reinforced with an aluminum angle to prevent flex and foot-pinching between sections like on the competition!


Please Note: These require our adjustable-width UDS Supports or other dock support which accepts 47.75" width dock.


4'x10' Gray Sure-Step with Aluminum Frame Dock SectionFALL SPECIAL! Reg. $619-  Now $549 plus 6% tax 


4'x10' Composite runway with 20'x12' 'L' Perpendicular Platform, Superior Underdock Supports for a clean look with no visible poles above the dock
Our Sure-Step Composite Dock has the beefiest framework design around, which minimizes bounce that is typically associated with composite docks!
Our Sure-Step Composite Dock has the beefiest framework design around, which minimizes bounce that is typically associated with composite docks!



Mill-finish is raw aluminum without any surface coating and is therefore how it looks right from the mill. To be brutally honest, unless you are adding sections to an existing mill-finish dock and you want it to match what you already have, do yourself a favor and just upgrade to anodized aluminum, you certainly won't regret it! We offer these almost exclusively for add-on sections and do not recommend for a total system.


When new, mill finish starts shiny, but over the years it will dull down some with a blackish-gray tarnish and will get hot (if you've ever burned your feet on an aluminum dock, it was mill-finish, anodized stays completely cool to the touch), but will last a lifetime and then some! Mill-Finish Aluminum is our most affordable offering to upgrade to a lightweight and extremely durable aluminum dock.


3'x10' Mill-Finish All Aluminum Dock Section- $366 plus 6% tax


4'x10' Mill-Finish All Aluminum Dock Section- $455 plus 6% tax


70' Runway of 4'x10' Mill-Finish Aluminum Dock with 8'x10' Left Hand 'L' Platform- 78' Overall Length



The most affordable option to get you on the water ASAP as well as great for those who desire a rustic look to match their cottage or cabin. Minimal knot 5/4" thick, edge- radiused, Southern treated-pine you can stain to any color, or let it be natural, with an aluminum F-channel stringer for increased strength and lighter weight.


Keep in mind that you get what you pay for- this has the shortest lifespan and most maintenance of all of our offerings and will get the hottest in the sun- about 40 degrees warmer than our anodized aluminum dock! Also, you will be dealing with nearly twice the weight of the fully-aluminum constructed dock counterparts which we offer!



3'x10' Treated-Pine Deck w/ Aluminum Stringer Dock Section   $270 plus 6% tax


 4'x10' Treated-Pine Deck w/ Aluminum Stringer Dock Section   $305 plus 6% tax



4'x10' Treated-Pine/ Aluminum Runway with 4'x10' 'L' Perpendicular Platform

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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