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We pull & stage complete dock orders 1-3 days in advance of your confirmed appointment time and load dock orders in your truck/trailer INSIDE our warehouse, therefore must stagger pickups to keep the process moving as quickly as possible for everyone.

Seawall- Mounted 4'x10' Anodized Aluminum Runway with 10'x12' L Platform, 4-Step Superior Steps, 5 Step HD Ladder with Flip Kit, Max VL PRO 40122 Boat Lift with 26' Canopy


For an accurate dock quote, we'll need you to provide:


-Type of dock desired? Choose from the options, below! Poles visible above dock or hidden (underdock UDS style) poles?


-Location if you want it delivered or installed?


- Starting from a beach and/or low level grass shoreline, or elevated sea wall/ rock wall start? What type of sea wall and how high from the lake bed? What is the water depth at the wall? Pictures help us!

(See picture below, for tips on how to measure for height with a sea wall/ rock wall/ elevated bank, since that will determine the height of your dock height rather than the water, unless the top of wall is too close to the water).


-Water depth (or height to top of sea wall/ bank level) every 10' from your desired starting point until desired distance?

If you have an existing dock that you are simply replacing, that is the perfect template for pole lengths!

(Your dock needs to be at least 12-18" above the water on an average inland lake, 24-28" plus above the water on very rough lakes or for lakes which are prone to seasonal flooding.


WE ROUND UP WATER DEPTHS AND THEN ADD 3 FT MIMINIMUM TO YOUR POLE LENGTH FOR SANDY CONDITIONS, 4 FT+ ABOVE WATER DEPTHS WHEN DEALING WITH WALLS/ FLUCTUATING WATER LEVELS AND MORE IN MUCKY AREAS PROPORTIONATE TO MUCK DEPTH OR IF USING AUGERS! This generally leaves 6-16" showing above the dock which is average- For example, it is not uncommon to end up with 9 ft poles at the end of a dock that may only have 4 ft of water and sandy bottom at the end, especially with a sea wall/ rock wall. The price difference between pole sizes is negligable, it is always far better and often cheaper to err on the side of caution versus spending hours in some cases splitting hairs on length and limited info and simply leave them high or cut excess off later on versus driving back and trying to exchange and then finish installing or beg your installer to make a second trip out to you within a month. Trust us, an extra $50-200 of spare pole length will almost certainly give you a better end result, save you money and hours of hassle in the long run and prevent multiple days of installation attempts!


-Muck depth every 10' from starting point (i.e. pure sand or do you sink to your ankles, shins, knees, waist deep?)

Shin deep muck or deeper will change the hardware and potentially the method that is required!


-Do you plan to moor a pontoon or boat directly to the dock or use a boat lift?

(A boat lift is safest for your boat and your dock, otherwise we recommend a 4-point mooring setup with separate augured poles and bungees- NEVER moor a pontoon/ tritoon directly to an aluminum dock on footpads!


Desired layout? If you want a platform, take a look at our pictures and draw us a very basic block-sketch with the water/ muck depth measurements added to each location!

(If you're going straight out, this can still help eliminate confusion and help by showing location of boat lifts, steps, etc.)




NEVER BURN YOUR FEET AGAIN! The anodized coating process creates a smooth and stain resistant surface with less sun-glare than raw aluminum dock. Contrary to popular belief, it stays cool to the touch even on the hottest summer days! Specifically, 38 degrees cooler than wooden dock- we laser tested it in the factory parking lot on a sunny & 92-degree day- anodized aluminum stayed 94 degrees without water under it (water will keep it even cooler) vs. 132 degrees for treated-wood decking!


Not to mention, it is much lighter than wood sections (66 lbs. per 3'x10' section, or 85 lbs. each for 4'x10' aluminum vs. 200+ lbs. each for wood sections with aluminum sides, even more on 2x6" treated joist construction) for easier installation and removal! Dirt and bird droppings wash off easily when it rains, or with a soft-bristled broom and the anodizing keeps the dock looking new for many years to come! No more replacing rotten sections either, they'll last a lifetime and then some, easily paying for itself versus having to periodically wash, stain and/or replace wooden dock sections!


Save your back, your friendships of those that help you install, and the hassle of powerwashing and staining your wood dock! 4'x10' anodized is by far our best selling dock and is always in stock, ready to go transform your lakefront to your dream setup! This is the dock of the future-wooden docks will soon be a thing of the past!




3' x 10'  Anodized-Aluminum (Stays Cool to Touch) Dock Section- $549 plus 6% tax

'1x3' Underside Framework- 1 Runner Down The Length, 3 Tubes Side To Side


4' X 10' Anodized-Aluminum (Stays Cool to Touch) Dock Section- $649 plus 6% tax 

'2x4' Underside Framework- 2 Runners Down The Length, 4 Tubes Side To Side- Our Most Popular Option By Far!

Easy Pricing Example (Assuming 4 ft. of steady water depth, sandy bottom, about 1 ft of pole showing above dock- again, we round up 3 ft of pole over your water depth to start, muck, seawalls & other factors may require 4 or 5 ft higher, regardless of water depth):

A 4'x10' anodized aluminum section with our MaxLoc 4' support, 7' poles, SMALL footplates = $909 plus tax.

A 4'x10' anodized aluminum section with our MaxLoc 4' support, 7' poles, LARGE footplates = $943 plus tax.



4' x 12' Anodized Dock Section (For Horseshoe Around Boat Lift)- $882 plus 6% tax

'4x4' Underside Framework- 4 Runners (Welded Side by Side in Pairs) Down The Length, 4 Tubes Side To Side


4' x 9'6" Anodized All-Aluminum Section (For Parallel Platform)- $655 plus 6% tax


Add supports, poles, footplates/ augers, bumpers, etc. a la carte based on your needs- pricing and info here:

Just like your mother always told you- it's not what's on the surface that counts, it's what is underneath that counts! All anodized aluminum docks look the same on top, we add twice the framework underneath versus the competition's which can bounce like






This is our best offering if you want a complex dock layout with a large platform and/or multiple fingers or boat slips! It is completely modular and the layout can be changed at any time without permanent modifications, and best of all, it doesn't need any supports for platforms so you can go as large as you want! Skip the usual hassle of squaring up and having to lift multiple sections while leveling large platform supports, since with ULTIMATE dock, you add and level each individual section as you go, and every section includes braces so it is by far the most stable seasonal dock platform you'll walk on!


Even for those wanting a basic, straight-out dock, this is also our most stable yet still incredibly easy to install dock! The only real downside to this dock is wintertime stacking will require more space unless you plan to remove all the leg sockets and braces each year, but the incredible stability is worth the trade-off to most people!


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***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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