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Whether for work or play, our closed-cell foam floats provide many years of nearly-indestructable fun and function at the lake!  Kids, adults, and even dogs love to lounge on them! Rope handles, mooring/ anchor lines can be easily added at home by using a 1" hole-saw, just loop a thick rope


Our floats come almost entirely in black (we periodically get a couple white or gray), though black always looks the best and is by far our most popular color due to the warmth when lounging on them in cold water- they will not burn you while in the water! These are capable of floating roughly 1,000+ lbs. each when evenly distributed. These are factory seconds, so they all have some sort of minor blemishing or slight deformities, which is why they are a fraction of the price of the float companies you see elsewhere!


***You MUST bring a full size truck or trailer and ratchet straps for pickup! The 5'x6' floats WILL NOT fit inside an SUV, they DO NOT roll up and it is simply too dangerous to tie onto the roof (you'll destroy the float too)!



Add 4% Fee For All Credit/ Debit Cards!







Roughly 5'3" x 6'5"x 4.5" Thick Foam Floats- $180 each plus 6% tax

Requires full-size truck or trailer for pick up!



 Roughly 5'3"x 6'5" x4.5" Thick Floats with Four Cupholders- $210 each plus 6% tax


Roughly 5'3"x 6'5" x4.5" Thick Beer Pong Float- $400 each plus 6% tax




DIY SHIPPING via or By LTL Truck Only!

We're sorry, due to the outrageous cost and time/ hassle via conventional freight companies, we do not ship (key word, WE), nor do we have any other store locations. However, you have 2 options for shipping:


*Any shipping will be at your own risk of damage to the floats- the pallet, banding will likely leave some permanent marks on the top and bottom float in addition to the usual blemishes that you must expect since these are all factory seconds/ blemished, and we will not accept any returns due to phsyical condition of the floats upon receipt- keep in mind, the most important thing is the extreme buoyancy regardless of cosmetics. Any loss/ damage caused during freight will be between you and your carrier, again this as at your own risk, we only offer these pickup options due to extremely high demand, we will not be held liable or get involved in your claim.*


Option 1: For shipping smaller quantities of foam floats, the most economical and simplest option is:


For UShip pickups, THE FLOATS WILL BE LOOSE -UNWRAPPED & UNLABLED & HAND LOADED INDIVIDUALLY, JUST AS THEY WOULD BE IF YOU PERSONALLY PICKED THEM UP! It is too diffcult to wrap and labels don't stick, plus makes it more flexible for shared-load loading options. © is like an eBay®/ Uber® of shipping. You create a profile and can have either private individuals who are trying to cover fuel costs of a trip and/or professional shippers bid on your shipment- drivers and customers rate eachother when finished and we've had tons of customers use this service with great results. Because it works like a ride-sharing app, the shipping costs are often reduced (or at least possible, regardless of price) versus traditional freight companies, especially for small orders and many of the pros still have the option to haul an entire trailer-load if you wish. Some might even offer the option for you to meet somewhere along a different route to split the difference and you both win.

Once you receive a satisfactory shipping bid and tentative pickup dates from your shipper (we generally need 2 business days of lead time, for pickup during regular posted store hours), contact Brent via phone at 269-888-1419 and we'll write up the order and get your credit card info over the phone, and payment must clear in advance.  The floats weigh up to 35 lbs. each (on average, per whole 5'x6' sheet) and is best if you send them the picture from the top of our page showing all 3 forms of floats and/or the link which lists all the specific sizing on individual pieces so you get the most accurate quote. Since accurate traditional dimensions are almost impossible to provide since they are loose/ unpackaged, especially for combinations of strips/ halves, that makes it simpler for everyone and your shipper will have much clearer expectations based on your specific order.

Option 2: LTL (Less Than (Semi) Truckload) Commercial Freight Companies:

You will need to ship to a business with a loading dock, otherwise expect a huge upcharge fee if a lift-gate truck service is required to a residential location. We have a loading dock and forklift at our shop to load onto the truck, which shippers will usually ask up front.


With a strict minimum order of 10 floats, we can band and plastic wrap 10-18 floats per pallet for a $100 handling fee (whole, strips, halves in the combination of your choice equalling 10+ whole floats), YOU can line up your own LTL shipping for pickup during our posted regular business hours with at least 3 business days notice. Then, once you accept the shipping bid, contact Brent via phone at 269-888-1419 and we'll write up the order and get your credit card info over the phone. Payment must clear prior to your carrier's arrival. We can generally band up to 2 boat lift cranes diagonally across the top of the stack as well!


Yes, we know unless you are a pro installer, you probably don't need 10+ floats for yourself, however if you get a combined order with 2 or 3 neighbors (they're going to be shocked at individual shipping expense and borrow yours constantly if you don't- trust us!) or simply re-sell your extras locally, your shipping expense is generally very reasonable when split, or sometimes essentially free if you pass it on entirely to cover for your time arranging the order for them. Several customers have posted online ads showing our link/ videos and posted ballpark-expected shipping fees for them prior to ordering to gauge interest. Most have had a bunch of interest immediately, with numerous customers making repeat purchases/ shipments this way and selling the floats at $250-$400 each for example, to cover their own shipping.


LTL Carrier Quote Info- Use this info when you contact your shipping carrier/ LTL freight company of your choice:


Specify if you have a semi-loading dock (cheapest) or need a lift-gate service for residential delivery (generally much more expensive versus a loading dock) and that it is 'Non-Stackable' (both are extremely important for quote accuracy), 6 ft. x 7 ft. as the outer dimensions, height 5" per float based on your quantity plus 6" factored for the pallet, weight at 35 lbs. per float plus 80 lbs. for the pallet (there is some safety factor built into these numbers), NMFC Freight Class: 300.

You can probably expect $500-1,000+ per pallet, it takes up 4-8 spots in the truck since it is non-stacking and oversized. For reference, one customer shipped one single float to Florida on their corporate account (great rates compared to private) and was $380 for ONE float (in 2020, surely would be higher now).




Otter Island Deluxe Swim Raft by Wave Armor


Perfect for the whole family! Ditch your unsightly and unsafe homemade raft with rotten wood and ugly plastic barrel floats! The perfect compliment to the rest of your lakefront toys, no add-ons necessary, comes exactly as you see pictured!

  • Tough & Weatherproof, Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction- Entirely Foam Filled
  • Multi-Angle Back Rests (also lay flat) with storage space beneath each back rest
  • Folding Aluminum Ladder
  • Pop-Up Table with Beverage Holders (also lays flat), with the abilityto add an umbrella or solar lights
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Molded-in Handles (around entire raft bottom)
  • Recessed Reflectors on All Sides
  • 4 Molded-in Anchor Attachment Points (on raft bottom)
  • Dimensions:  10 Ft. Long x 8 Ft. Wide
  • Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 3,000 Pounds




Otter Island Swim Raft- Includes chairbacks, table, ladder and clevis attachment/ sand anchor kit- $2,324 plus tax

(Choose Between Tan or Yellow Raft & Forest Green or Royal Blue Color For Table/ Seat-Backs)!

Customer Must Supply Their Own Rope Depending On Water Depth To Connect Bungee Kit To Anchor As Well As Beach Sand To Fill The Anchor Base



Otter Island (Chairbacks, table, ladder only)- $2,086 plus tax


Stand-Alone Sand Anchor Kit- $114 plus tax


Anchor Double Clevis Kit (Includes 2 Chains, 4 Clevices 2 Bungees)- $124 plus tax


Anodized aluminum ladder, pop-up table and seat-backs with storage underneath are standard on Otter Island Rafts! Seats and table available in blue or green.

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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