-YOUR BOAT'S DRY WEIGHT- This can be found by Googling your exact year and model (outboards must be added separately to the factory stated weight, I/O and inboards are already factored in. Telling us you have a 24' pontoon means almost nothing, there can be a huge variance in weight, so you'll need to verify first- we cannot do anything without this information.


-BOAT LENGTH- if you want a canopy- canopies should be 2-3' longer than the overall length of the boat. For example, if you have a 22' pontoon, it typically is about 24 ft. with outboard, which requires 26' canopy. Boats with swim decks are similar, a V-hull boat listed at 24' is typically about 25.5-26ft' overall, which would require a 28' canopy (which is nearly impossible to find used).


-LOCATION! We will not haul a used lift beyond a 2 hour radius or across multiple state lines- you are welcome to pick up from as far away as you would like with your own trailer, or we can haul a brand new, unassembled lift package further, but not assembled.


We require that you come see any used lift in person and put down a non-refundable cash deposit (deposit will be determined by lift price) prior to scheduling delivery, otherwise are sold first come first serve.




Used lift inventory moves fast and is always changing! Our inventory is not always limited to just what you see here, we try to keep the postings on here up to date, but inventory often moves too fast to keep up. However, if you came here looking for a used 6,000# lift with 28+ ft. canopy, sorry, but we'd bet money on the fact that you almost certainly won't find a used 6k lift anywhere, if you do it is generally suspicious and/or will cost nearly the same as new-like finding a car with 500 miles on it.



We also buy SW Michigan-area used boat lifts in excellent shape for cash, and pick them up hassle-free with our specialized trailer.

Contact us with specs AND pictures of your lift along with the location (must be in SW Michigan), brand, weight capacity and width, length of canopy to get an offer!


Please text or call Brent at 269-217-7188 or e-mail or Dave at 269-584-1230 or e-mail



Above: An Example Of Part Of Our Ever-Changing Inventory Of New & Used Lifts
Above: An Example Of Part Of Our Ever-Changing Inventory Of New & Used Lifts

Used Hewitt 3,000 Lb. 104" Cantilever Boat Lift w/ 24 Ft. Canopy

3,000 Lb. 104" inside width cantilever set up for a V-hull boat with a nearly-new LSP/ Lorenz oversized geared winch for easier cranking than the original OEM, brand new bunk boards/ carpet and price includes brand new vinyl canopy cover in the color of your choice (cover will be ordered with non-refundable deposit). Great for a Lund type fishing boat or small Seadoo type jet boat.

All used lifts are old as-is with no warranty.




Used Shore Station 1,000 lb. Side Winder PWC Lift


Part # Model: SS1053M. 1,000 lb. capacity, 53" inside width. Requires permanent pier/ well built permanent deck (along riverbank, etc.) or steel sea wall with sufficient water depth to mount to- it has one leg on one side, the other side mounts to a plate that must be mounted to the pier or seawall. New bunk boards 3 seasons ago, was not used last year due to extreme water level fluctuations (the deck is under water in the 2018 pic and continued to rise much higher the next two years, which is the only reason for selling). 30" leg will provide about 24" of extension from lowest setting. These run $1,980 plus tax for an unassembled, new lift with a shorter leg.

All used lifts are old as-is with no warranty.




We do not rent our boat lift trailer since it legally requires wide load permits, a highly experienced driver, and requires a lot of carefully performed steps to operate the trailer safely. However, when we are slow and have some free time, we can potentially be hired to transport your existing or privately-purchased lift in SW Michigan (it is typically too costly to venture outside of SW MI). Our trailer only works on VERTICAL style lifts, at least 108" wide on the inside of the corner uprights, and will not work on cantilever style lifts since the framework blocks the trailer from pulling inside the lift. 


To be considered for transport, we require to be able to back up unobstructed through the yard with our truck and trailer (shown in pics, below) right to the lift and also drop the lift off wherever we can back up the truck and trailer (shoreline, if possible to drive through the yard unobstructed by fences, landscaping, TV/ phone/ powerlines, well heads, etc.).


We'll need to see pictures of the lift to verify compatibility with our trailer and also of the pickup and dropoff location- we usually have a decent idea if we'll be able to make it in/ out just from seeing a few pictures. If we can't drive through the yard, it is up to the customer to get it to the roadside or floated to a neighbor's or boat launch where we can back up, prior to our arrival, and it would get dropped wherever we can back up to on the receiving end.


Pricing starts at a $600 minimum for a round trip (including drive time to/ from my shop- the complete round trip, not just between the 2 locations) and 50% will automatically be charged if for some reason we arrive at the pickup location and cannot get to the lift based on obstructions other unforeseen circumstances which prevent us from backing up to the lift (flooded/ soft yard, steep hills, septic drain fields, etc).


Most lifts are just shy of 11' or 12' wide at the outside of the footplates or winch wheel, depending on the lift, and therefore require about 15' of space to drive through your yard if it is a relatively straight shot- more space required, especially with a canopy, when twists and turns are involved. If there is a canopy on the lift, it is up to the customer to lower the frame prior to transport and to ensure every nut, bolt and pin on the entire lift is secure- we do our absolute best while driving and treat it like our own, but we are not and will not be held responsible for any damaged overhanging trees, wires, fence gates, vibration damage, etc. or anything that rattles loose and falls off during transport. 


Text or Call Brent at 269-217-7188 to check for availability and pricing- we'll need to know the pickup/ delivery address to quote!

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