Boat Lift / Hoist and Dock Installation and  Removal Tools

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Foam Floats (Strips & Halves), Boat Lift Wheel Kits, Boat Lift Crane

Foam Floats

 Foam Floats for Dock/Pier and Boat Lift/ Hoist Install and Removal, Swim Rafts


These are factory seconds, so they all have some sort of blemishing or slight deformities like a rounded edge, rounded corner, etc. Some have mild to moderate surface scars on one side-typically these are the ones we cut into strips and halves as it should not affect performance.


Two 5x6' floats are capable of floating most sizes of aluminum boat lift up to 6,000 capacity (depending on the brand and accessories) and canopy frame. Cable-hydraulic hybrids or even some brands of larger electric lifts often require 3 total floats to help balance the incredibly unbalanced and high center of gravity weight that they have. Each float cut into 7 strips each (roughly 6 ft. 5 in. long by about 9" wide, actual will vary), allowing the user to technically never have to physically lift the boat hoist until shore. Strips are also the most stable way and surefire way to move them as you can adjust to add buoyancy wherever necessary and gently set the lift precisely into place, though you lose some weight capacity and shallow-water capability!


At minimum, pretty much any 108"-120" lift will require TWO floats (14 strips, or 7 strips plus 2 halves & way to physically lift onto the halves), hydraulic-cable hybrids require three in 21 strips typically to safely balance (think of it as deadlifting weight at the gym- for example if you can deadlift 300 lbs, it is evenly distributed, but now imagine lifting 200 lbs on 1 arm and 100 on the other- this is similar to the lopsided weight distribution of hydraulic-cable hybrids or larger Shore Station® brand lifts with the heavy steel winch and winch tube weight on one side)- you likely will have all 14 on the winch tube side, which doesn't leave enough to float the other side, even though the total weight is similar to some other HD brands, hence the need for 3 total floats(21 strips). True hydraulic cantilever lifts can use 2 or 3 cut into halves and wedge them in the cradle and use the hydraulics to lower cradle, popping the lift up- this requires more water depth by shore and probably retracting the legs due to higher float position relative to the feet.


Alternatively, cut two into 4 halves with a half under each footplate or spreader bar on vertical cable lifts (as some pictures show, typically how we did long distance floats prior to strips), though it is very unstable and potentially dangerous and also essentially impossible to get it back up on top of all 4 when removing the lift at the end of the season, and halves also requires you to phsyically lift the hoist out of the water and onto the floats (typically with our boat lift crane, or farm jack).


***Please bring either a truck or trailer and ratchet straps for pickup! The 5'x6' floats WILL NOT fit inside an SUV, and it is simply too dangerous to tie onto the roof and will destroy the floats! The 5'x6' Floats are actually about 5'3"x6'5" typically- they barely squeeze in between the bed rails on a full size truck bed, tonneau cover rails may prevent them from fitting***




We're sorry, due to the outrageous cost and hassle of shipping, we do not ship, nor do we have any other locations.



Roughly 5'x6'5"x4.5" Thick Various Color Floats- $170 each plus 6% tax

Requires full-size truck or trailer for pick up! Add $10 Each For Us To Pre-Cut Plain Floats Into Two Roughly 3'x5' Halves For You.

(Two Required For Most Lifts, Shore Station®/ Atlas 5k+ Capacity or Any Size Hydraulic/ Cable Lifts, or Large Models Of Other Brands Require 3 Sets of Strips Due to The Weight Balance!)


 Boat Lift Strips- One Black 5'x6'5" Float Pre-Cut Into Seven ~9" Wide Strips- $190 each plus 6% tax

(Two Required For Most Lifts, Shore Station®/ Atlas 5k+ Capacity or Any Size Hydraulic/ Cable Lifts, or Large Models of Other Brands Require 3 Sets of Strips Due to The Weight Balance!)



 Roughly 5'x6'5" x4.5" Thick Floats with Four Molded Cupholders- $200 each plus 6% tax


Roughly 5'x6'5" x4.5" Thick Beer Pong Float- $400 each plus 6% tax


Add 3% For All Credit/ Debit Cards!






Click on the individual photos, below, to enlarge and scroll through!

Boat Lift/ Boat Hoist Crane


Boat Lift /Boat Hoist Crane


Makes it easy to adjust leg heights while in the water by yourself! Save your buddies' backs and the hassle of rounding up extra help! Also use to set your lift on foam floats, or install wheels. All aluminum construction and galvanized steel cable for strength. 800 lb. automatic brake winch for smooth up/down travel with an automatic brake, no messing with flipping brake levers to change direction of travel! This is also our easiest way to help boost a lift over a seawall, along with 2-4 steel dock pipes with augers to use as pry-bars in sync with the crane.


Our aluminum hook extrusion is meant to fit 2" wide lift framework (90% of our local lift market), customers with Lakeshore Products® (LSP) or Hewitt® brand, some ShoreMaster® brand lifts will have issues with the standard hook since many LSP and Hewitt Lifts (and a few other smaller brands) use 3-3.5" wide tubing on the bottom of the lift. You can either remove the hook and replace it with a chain with hook (will require you to go under water to hook it up), or better yet, find a local fabricator to have a steel hook custom made with a wider gap.


The maximum lifting height in theory of a 7ft. crane (to the bottom of the hook channel) is roughly around 5 ft. 8" high- true lifting height capability TBD by your muck level, lift balance, canopy frame hitting ground, etc.- most people in average situations never come close to max capability! Those in shin deep muck or greater will benefit from using a 2x2 ft. treated plywood sheet under the footplate.


Roughly 22 lbs. total weight makes them easy for nearly anyone to handle!


Use these tools, tips and techniques at your own risk, always hire a professional or consult an experienced neighbor if you are unsure of what exactly you are doing! Always wear protective eyewear while using!


SHIPPING: We're sorry, due to the outrageous cost of shipping something of this size WE DO NOT OFFER SHIPPING.


7 Ft. Tall Boat Lift /Boat Hoist Crane- $ 349.00 plus 6% tax


Add 3% For All Credit/ Debit Cards!


Boat Lift/ Boat Hoist Wheel Kits


Boat Lift/ Boat Hoist Wheel Kits


Unless you have a large crew of highly motivated labor to carry a lift in and out of the water here are some options to make the task easier. If your lake bottom and shoreline is relatively smooth and sandy, the 24'' poly wheels will work great. Also, a fantastic option if you store your lift far away from the shoreline. The axle brackets are adjustable and will fit almost any lift, though we will need to know the dimensions of your lower boat lift frame to get you the correct bolts (most are 2" wide, some brands are 3.5" and require longer bolts, so we'll need to know to get the correct hardware for you). Once positioned and bolted up, the brackets stay on the lift, just remove the wheels and axles while lift is in use. We suggest buying one wheel set to share with your neighbors and just add additional brackets to each lift.


Heavy Duty Poly Wheel Kit (Pair) Includes: 2 Wheels, Plates w/ Bolts, 2 Galvanized Steel Axles, Wheel Washers and Pins- $265.00 plus 6% tax

(Heavier Lifts Will Require Two Sets- This Will Sacrifice Turning Abiilty, But Necessary On Large Lifts)


Additional Axle Brackets- Four HD Axle Bracket Plates (One Pair)- For Additonal Lifts or for ShoreStation Brand Wheel Hubs 1.9" Axles- $109.00 plus tax      



Smarte Jacks


Smarte Jacks are the easiest way to install and remove your plastic wheels for boat lift installation and removal. Simply use a cordless drill to retract the jacks to remove the wheels while lift is in use. Then, just slide your wheels back on at the end of summer, extend the jacks to raise and roll your boat lift out of the water and easily onto shore for winter storage!


Fall Blowout Sale (While Stock Lasts)!


Smarte Jacks Pair (24' Poly Wheels NOT Included) $339 plus 6% tax


24" Poly Wheels- Sold Individually-$54 each plus 6% tax

Dock Post Ratchet

Cut a Foam Float Into Thirds and Stack to Desired Height of Dock, Float the Dock and Yourself While You Auger With A Post Ratchet For Easy Augering Without Your Buddy Holding the Dock While You Auger! - Use This Technique at Your Own Risk!



Dock Post Ratchet


If you have a lot of augers to install or remove, then this is the tool you need! Even if you only have 2-6 augered poles for your boat tie-up, this is a lifesaver! Our ratchets have TWO HANDLES which makes a world of difference versus the one-handle versions that are on the market, allowing you to steer your post in as you ratchet, rather than tipping the pole at an angle like with a piece of re-bar or a one-handed ratchet. Also, we find that most people using re-bar, screw drivers or pipe wrenches never get the augers deep enough to be effective, and can be worse than a footplate in terms of stability when they are not driven deep enough- problem solved simply by having the right tool and increased leverage and effective angles of pressure downward as you ratchet.


Save your buddies the hassle of holding up the dock while you auger using our foam floats (as seen above)!  Cut a full-size float into halves or thirds and stack to the approximate desired installation height for a quick and easy installation!


Dock Post Ratchet- $110.00 plus 6% tax

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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