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We do our best to keep prices up to date on our website for quick and easy self-reference for ballpark pricing, but with hyperinflation, surging materials and labor costs on top of overwhelming demand in the entire industry, costs are changing quicker than we can update the site!

We offer several options of simple solutions for your kayak/ SUP paddle board storage on your lakefront for convenient access, as well as the YAKPort Kayak Launch Assist.


Several of these options are customizable for your unique situation with different pole lengths, configurations, etc.




Rear Entry Assist Bars

Augured-Pole Installation (Standard)

Overhead Grab-Assist

YAKPort Kayak Launch


YAKport launch makes getting in and out of the water easy for beginners or experienced users. Kayaks, Canoes or Stand Up Paddle Boards with a width 34" and under can use the YAKport. YAKport can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed docks. Floating dock installations will use a set of metal hinges, while fixed dock installations will use 2” augured poles (not included, purchase separately based on water/ muck depth) and pole connectors. YAKport is made from highly durable UV protected Tan or Gray polyethylene.


  • Size: 48"w x 60"l x 22"h outer. 34"w x 17"h inside.


  • Weight: 99 lbs


YAKPort Kayak Launch- Two Augured-Post Collars, Overhead Bar, Rear Grab Rails- $1,606 plus 6% tax


Augured Poles Not Included! We need to know your water & muck depth where you want to install it! Also, we'll need to know how much your water level fluctuates typically to get the correct size poles!


Universal Kayak Rack-UDS

Underdock Kayak/ SUP Boards Rack (KR-UDS)


Universal design bolts to the bottom of just about any existing 3' or 4' wide dock which sits high enough out of the water to keep the kayaks safe! As a best practice, any dock should always be kept 12-18" out of the water in relatively calm areas, higher in extremly rough areas- use your best judgement on whether this will work for you based on the water clearance height your dock setup will provide! We always recommend that you strap, bungee or otherwise secure the kayaks to the poles too (tie-downs and common sense not included)!


Our single-kayak model come standard with two 7 ft. HD aluminum poles for a 4 ft. wide dock- whle the dual-kayak model comes standard with two 10 ft. HD aluminum poles and the four necessary brackets and hardware to bolt to your existing dock.



Single Kayak Model with Roof Rack Style 'Nest' Mounts (2 Nest Mounts, Four UDS Brackets, Hardware, Two 7' HD Aluminum Poles)- $383 plus 6% tax


Dual Kayak Model with Roof Rack Style 'Nest' Mounts (2 Nest Mounts, Four UDS Brackets, Hardware, Two 10' HD Aluminum Poles)- $536 plus 6% tax


A La Carte- Additional Pair of Nest Mounts (For Second Kayak)- $115 plus 6% tax


UDS Brackets Only (4)- $180 plus 6% tax


Straps, bungees, tie-down hardware etc. is not included! We know most people will have their own preferred way of keeping the kayaks secure, so we'll keep it simple and leave it up to you to secure them as you wish!

Design Your Own- DIY Custom

In-Water Or Beachfront Kayak/ SUP Rack!


Some drilling and assembly required- A great DIY project that will be custom to your water depth and/or your beachfront storage needs for kayaks, SUP paddle boards, canoes, etc! Please take a look at the photo gallery below and calculate your own needs for pole sizes, number of clamps required, and footpads- see pricing below the photo gallery to help you calculate your overall cost!


From mild to wild, you can create your exact needs in just a few hours with a drill and a couple of wrenches!

DIY Kayak/ SUP Rack Component Pricing- A La Carte!


2' Aluminum Pole $19 plus 6% tax

3' Aluminum Pole $23 plus 6% tax

4' Aluminum Pole $28 plus 6% tax

5' Aluminum Pole $33 plus 6% tax

6' Aluminum Pole $38 plus 6% tax


7' HD Aluminum Pole $44 plus 6% tax

8' HD Aluminum Pole $50 plus 6% tax

9' HD Aluminum Pole $57 plus 6% tax

10' HD Aluminum Pole $65 plus 6% tax

11' HD Aluminum Pole $70 plus 6% tax

12' HD Aluminum Pole $76 plus 6% tax


CROSS-ARM CLAMP $23 plus 6% tax


HEAVY DUTY 12" x 12" MUD PLATE- $40plus 6% tax

HEAVY DUTY 8" x 8" FOOT PLATE- $23 plus 6% tax


SUPERIOR Composite Augers- $19 plus 6% tax 



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