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Check out our YouTube video (below) on the wild number of configuration possibilities! Change your layout nearly as often as you'd like with no permanent modifications besides potentially changing pole length!


For an accurate dock quote, we'll need you to provide:


- Desired layout? If you want a platform, take a look at our pictures and draw us a very basic block-sketch with the water/ muck depth measurements added to each location!

(If you're going straight out, this can still help eliminate confusion and help by showing location of boat lifts, steps, etc.)



-Type of dock desired? Choose from the options, below! Poles visible above dock or hidden (underdock UDS style) poles?


-Lake Address?


- Starting from a beach and/or low level grass shoreline, or elevated sea wall/ rock wall start? What type of sea wall and how high from the lake bed? What is the water depth at the wall? Pictures of your shoreline and of any existing dock (even if being replaced) help us immensely!

(See picture below, for tips on how to measure for height with a sea wall/ rock wall/ elevated bank, since that will determine the height of your dock height rather than the water, unless the top of wall is too close to the water).


- Water depth (or height to top of sea wall/ bank level) every 10' from your desired starting point until desired distance? If you have an existing dock that you are simply replacing, that is the perfect template for pole lengths!

(Your dock needs to be at least 12-18" above the water on an average inland lake, 24-28" plus above the water on very rough lakes or for lakes which are prone to seasonal flooding. We can tell based on pictures of your existing dock if it was set a proper height or not, even if it is in a pile of parts in your yard for winter storage!




This generally leaves 6-16" showing above the dock which is average- For example, it is not uncommon to end up with 9 ft poles at the end of a dock that may only have 4 ft of water and sandy bottom at the end, especially with a sea wall/ rock wall. The price difference between pole sizes is negligable, it is always far better and often cheaper to err on the side of caution versus spending hours in some cases on determining length and limited info and simply leave them high or cut excess off later on. Trust us, an extra $50-200ish total of spare pole length will almost certainly give you a better end result, save you money in the end and hours of hassle in the long run and prevent multiple installation attempts!


- Muck depth every 10' from starting point (i.e. pure sand or do you sink to your ankles, shins, knees, waist deep?)

Shin deep muck or deeper will change the hardware and potentially the method that is required!


- Do you plan to moor a pontoon or boat directly to the dock or use a boat lift?

(A boat lift is safest for your boat and your dock, otherwise we recommend a 4-point mooring setup with separate augured poles and bungees- NEVER moor a pontoon/ tritoon directly to an aluminum dock on footpads!

How-To Measure From An Elevated Starting Point, Or Best Approximate Future Surface Height Based On Safe Water-Clearance Requirements For Dock Height If Starting Too Low (i.e. Beach Start or Low Sea-Wall)

This Method Can Determine The Most Accurate Pole Length Based On Your Surface Height , Water/ Muck Depth, Safe Water Clearance To Dock Bottom, & Also Visualize How Much Pole Will Remain Visible Above Per Your Preference, All At Once!

How-To Measure From An Elevated Starting Point, Or Approximate Future Surface Height Based On Safe Water-Clearance Requirements. If Starting Too Low; Set Your Horizontal Tape/ String At Proper Height & Hold Level, Measure Straight Down & Record Surface, Water/ Muck Depth, Clearance Over Water & How Much Pole You Want Visible Above The Dock

ULTIMATE DOCK Pricing & Info


ULTIMATE Dock is one of the strongest and most stable solutions out there- now, at a mind blowing price compared to the competition- we think these are the best value and best system on the market! Yes, they are more money than a traditional 4x10 ft. anodized aluminum, but you are getting FAR more metal for your money and a FAR easier installation if you plan to have a platform! These have much more metal and phsyical structure for your dollar compared to traditional dock and that adds up to a huge difference in rigidity and stability when installed, yet still weigh much less than wooden sections! The main difference in rigidity and stability is due to the thick, boxed-frame with accesory rail grooves in the extrusion which add strength even if you do not use any accessories, and the leg sockets with integrated braces give you the most lateral stability possible in all directions while keeping installation simple, even for first-time DIYers! This framework is available with either anodized aluminum treads (most popular- stays cool to the touch even on the hottest days, lasts the longest and is lightest!) or with SUNWALK brand premium composite decking for those who prefer the look, quieter and/or grippier surface versus aluminum or are prone to huge wave surges).


The best part about these is that they are completely modular and the price includes the pair of leg sockets, all 4 diagonal socket braces, pair of 8"x12" footplates, and pair of section to section connectors- all that's needed to quote is to add two poles per section based on your water & muck depth, priced a la carte, below! If you want a platform, you simply put the connectors and leg sockets on the side of the dock instead of at the end and can have a virtually unlimited platform width, with a much easier installation since you can level each individual section of the platform as you add pieces, rather than trying to square up and level multiple sections at once on a traditional platform!


If you ever change your mind on layout, and/or need more water depth for your new boat or due to lake level changes, move the sockets and connectors back to the end and use the platform pieces you already own to extend your runway- the only change necessary may be your pole lengths at that point. These work both as a UDS style for a clean look (no poles showing above, ~12 inches of height of adjustment) or pop the caps out and slide the poles through to have unlimited adjustability based on your pole length- perfect for our local flooded lakes which have wild seasonal variability in water depth and UDS simply won't work!



This is the ULTIMATE modular dock for nearly unlimited and fluid configuration options, with exceptional strength, stability, and a great pricepoint versus building a large platform with a traditional aluminum dock!


4' X 10' SUNWALK Gray Composite ULTIMATE Dock Section- $1,434 plus 6% tax 

(These actually measure 51" Wide x 10' 5" Long)


4' X 12' SUNWALK Gray Composite ULTIMATE Dock Section- $1,781 plus 6% tax 

(These actually measure 51" Wide x 12' 5" Long)



4' X 10' Anodized Aluminum ULTIMATE Dock Section- $1,304 plus 6% tax

(These actually measure 50" Wide x 10' 5" Long)


4' X 12' Anodized Aluminum ULTIMATE Dock Section- $1,620 plus 6% tax 

(These actually measure 50" Wide x 12' 5" Long)





Accessories- Ultimate Dock Specific


ULTIMATE 36" Vertical Poly Bumper w/ Aluminum Frame- $127 plus 6% tax 


Dock Stabilizing/ Mooring Pole Attachment Bracket- $55 plus 6% tax


Sea Wall Bracket- $98 plus 6% tax


ULTIMATE Kayak Rack (Pair Of Attachments) For 1 Kayak- $345 plus 6% tax


ULTIMATE Dock Spare Leg Hardware Kit (Required for Making U- Shaped Slips or Stand-Alone Platforms- Requires Extra Pair of Poles- Sold Separate)- $159 plus 6% tax


'Shorty' Leg Sockets For Shore Starter or Applications Where Standard Height Are Too Long (Pair of 8" Sockets, No Braces or Footplates)- $90 plus 6% tax



2' Aluminum Pole $19 plus 6% tax

3' Aluminum Pole $23 plus 6% tax

4' Aluminum Pole $28 plus 6% tax

5' Aluminum Pole $33 plus 6% tax

6' Aluminum Pole $38 plus 6% tax


7' HD Aluminum Pole $44 plus 6% tax

8' HD Aluminum Pole $50 plus 6% tax

9' HD Aluminum Pole $57 plus 6% tax

10' HD Aluminum Pole $63 plus 6% tax

11' HD Aluminum Pole $70 plus 6% tax

12' HD Aluminum Pole $76 plus 6% tax

16' HD Aluminum Pole $100 plus 6% tax

24' HD Aluminum Pole $146 plus 6% tax


Upgrade (Swap Out Standard 8"x12" to 12"x12" HD Mud Plates (Pair) $60 plus 6% tax

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